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By Way of Byways

This is Henry. Henry is Fresh Poetry. If you wander around St. Louis, you may have run into him. He may have written you a poem. 

Henry has a new project. What the hell is St. Louis thinking? He’s putting typewriters in various venues in the city. St. Louisans will be typing their thoughts and depositing the pages into the podiums that Henry has built and afterward, the words will be compiled into a book. 

There’s currently a prototype set up at Sasha’s on Shaw. I’m pretty sure the machine there is one of the Smith-Corona’s I lent for the project. 

There’s a twitter @wthstl so you can follow the progress of the project. He’ll be tweeting sneak peaks of what’s coming in from the field. So, keep your eyes peeled. The stands and typewriters should be rolling out some time next week.